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Salt therapy, known also as halotherapy, is a 100% natural, drug-free, safe, noninvasive, pleasant treatment using a controlled air medium that simulates the microclimate of a natural salt cave.



The Salt Cave

Many often feel rejuvenated when they spend time near the ocean, and this is because the air is diffused with salt particles that help boost immunity, clear the skin, and relieve respiratory conditions as the sea salt ions possess strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

As an alternative treatment and healing modality, halotherapy has traditionally been found to positively impact three primary health areas: the respiratory system, the skin, and mental health.


Full Service Bar

Gather ’round, guys and girls, and complete your relaxation by sipping on one of our house-curated cocktails—the perfect response to bridal shower stress, S.O. probs, or y’know, Mondays.



Your hands work hard for you, so for once, let go—let our gentle, friendly, professional manicurists take the reins. Leave with healthy hands, silk-smooth skin, and the fiercest fingernails—shaped, colored, and trimmed to precision.​


When your feet have taken a beating, kick back and let our pedicurists pamper your heel, toe, and sole. Whether it’s our bubbling, fizzing, 5-step organic Volcano Pedicure, or a Papaya & Cucumber aromatic experience with Jojoba Beads and a collagen mask, you’ll strut out of Gaia with fierce feet ready to kick tomorrow in the you-know-what.